RC Plane Displays & Simulator

2024 will feature static displays and flight simulator by the “Olympic Silent Flyers”.


Model Airplanes at the Air Affaire


Successful flying model airplanes have been around longer than full-size airplanes. Radio controlled models have been around since the 1930s. Back then the radios had vacuum tubes and massive batteries, and the “controlled” part of RC was questionable at best. Today’s electronics are miracles of reliability and miniaturization, making possible the amazing array of model airplanes that you can see today. Ranging from giant, 1/3 scale models down to featherweight models than can fly indoors, with traditional gas or glow fuel engines or modern high-output electric motors with lithium batteries, fixed wing airplanes or helicopters, basic flight controls or complete auto-pilot with GPS tracking, the options are virtually unlimited.




You can take an up-close look at some models on display as well as trying your hand on an RC computer simulator.