Contact Info:
Aircraft: Emily Westcott  (360) 670-6294

Hot Air Balloon: Pre-sales for hot air balloon flights are available now by contacting Captain Crystal Stout (360) 601-2433 or

General Information & Arts & Craft Booths:                                                                                  Kelly Jo Hill (360) 461-3950

Volunteer & Vendor:                                                                                                                                Kelly Jo Hill (360) 461-3950

Car Show: George March

Music: Jonathan Simonson 360.460.7083

Photos:  If using a published photo, please provide photo credit to Ron Stecker.

Ageless Aviation: TBA 

Location of Event:
Sequim Valley Airport 468 Dorothy Hunt Lane, Sequim WA 98382

Mailing Address:
Olympic Peninsula Air Affaire 841 Thornton Drive Sequim WA 98382  (360) 461-3950